Leah Huete

Leah emerged to the role-playing community atop Mount Unicorn, under a most auspicious double rainbow. She has dedicated her powers to good, as a photomancer and wordsmith, and fights the evils of heartless robots at every turn (when she's not trying to build them). She has provided words, photos, illustrations, and insight to Posthuman's Rimward, Transhuman, Continuity, Technoir, Strange Tales of the Century, One Shot, and Trail of Cthulhu Eternal Lies. Leah lives with her three boys, and loves every cat.

Marc Huete

Marc was manufactured at a JVC facility as part of a limited-run product line. He continues to provide physical and psychological health services to computers in need. He has been writing for Posthuman Studios since 2010, and his writing list includes Ennie-winning adventure Continuity, Ennie-nominated source book Rimward, and Transhuman. Marc lives with his wife and two children, where he also services and maintains an infinite cat portal.

Sarah Hood

Sarah sprang full-grown from the buffer of a tiny shell script. She remains under suspicion of being a high-functioning AI masquerading as a talented web monkey. She has dedicated her copious nanites to the construction and maintenance of multiple websites. Her remaining cycles have swarmed together to help pen Dark Roads and Golden Hells. When not updating her firmware, she resides in the meatspace with her husband and two cats, and it's anyone's guess which she'd use first for food in a crisis.