Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Iron Edda: Threats of Midgard

From the Squid's Desk!

The Mollusks are on the move. We are looking forward to the upcoming launch of the Iron Edda Kickstarter from Sand and Steam Productions. Tracy has been working very hard (someone get the guy a drink!) on getting a huge crowd of truly talented writers together for this project. We're really looking forward to getting our tentacles into the mix.

We just completed an interview with him about our piece of this project:

Threats of Midgard

Threats will be a FATE based setting resource detailing all the creepy crawly critters lurking just outside the safe light of your home hearth in the world of Iron Edda. From rampaging sea monsters, to red-toothed wolves lurking in the deep forest, to the small worries close to home - we'll be bringing you challenges to face to earn your place in Valhalla.

Ze interview!

What is Iron Edda?

Check out the project at:

Check out Sand and Steam:

And when the Kickstarter launches next week, we'll get you a link to that too!